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Passionate About Helping Others

I'm a Licensed Clinical Therapist, Integrative Health Coach, and Herbalist providing treatment  from the the inside out. 

My Clinical practice is grounded in a strength based educational approach. Over the past 15+ years, I have diligently and wholeheartedly assisted my clients' in achieving a better quality of life. 

The goal of therapy is to promote healing, restoration and growth of various interpersonal and/or emotional conflicts.  I have an excellent success rate, in promoting stability, growth and improving the over-all level of functioning of my clients. I've heard my clients stories the challenges they face and the barriers that prevent them from feelings a sense of security and enthusiasm for life.  My focus is to assist my clients in obtaining inner peace and insight into their life and relationships while encouraging  healing and challenging  them to grow, in order to experience more balance and stability in all areas of life. 


Prophetic Solution offers an innovative approach that can help you find peace, freedom and healing from the inside out. Our counseling and integrative coaching programs assist our clients in developing an intricate balance of adequate nutrition, sufficient exercise, stress management techniques, psychological wholeness and emotional stability.

At PSPCS; we understand that recovery is a process of personal growth and the development of a balanced state of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health. Holistic health and weight management programs offer lifestyle methods that are self-nurturing to the body, mind and spirit. Our programs don’t solely focus on weight but analyzes all aspects of an individual’s physical, mental and emotional health, such as their current nutritional intake, use of any medication and the presence of any disorder/disease.  At, PSPCS we help assist our clients in learning the skills that produce change and refocuses energy to holistic tactics that eliminate self-defeating patterns of behavior and cognition.  Individual and Group therapy assist client’s in reclaiming their life, health and well-being and fosters peace with oneself, body and food. 



Positive Psychology focuses on increasing awareness of core strengths and using those innate strengths to find meaning and purpose in life. With, self-compassion clients increase awareness of self judgement, self-criticism, and begin to write a new narrative from a place of self-compassion and self-love.

Mindfulness Based Cognitive Behavior Therapy, (MBCBT) focuses on increasing awareness of irrational patterns of thinking and behaving. MBCBT techniques teaches skills that increases awareness that will assist clients in having a better understanding about how their thoughts directly, impact their behavior and emotions.

Dialectical Behavioral (Informed) Therapy, (DBT) focuses on changing behaviors, emotions and thoughts that are linked to problems in living and causing misery and distress. DBT teaches clients to live with awareness of the present moment, without judgement and without attachment.

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, ( ACT)  focuses on letting go of rigid psychological patterns, to build a life of choice rather than a life based on avoidance or fighting feelings. ACT teaches acceptance and commitment to change, patterns that can improve your lifestyle.



 · Individuals that are serious about improving their physical, mental and emotional health but need


· Individuals struggling to maintain a health weight range for their body type.

· Individuals who are unable to make peace with their body and food.

· Individuals who suffer from illness that may have resulted from inappropriate body weight.

· Individuals dealing with eating disorders such as Binge Eating Disorder or Carb Addiction.


· Healthy Lifestyle Plan

· Body Management (WHOLE)

· Behavioral Weight Loss Plan

· 21 Day Weight Loss Rehab

· Diabetes Management and Support                                                                          

· Group Coaching Circle                                                                MOST INSURANCE PLANS ACCEPTED



Years in Practice: 15+ years

School:  Wayne State University

Year Graduate:  2003

License No.: 6801085243 and State: Michigan

Certificate: Michigan Trauma Administration/TF-CBT  2012

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