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If improving your health and working on your personal growth and development goals resonate with you, don't delay.  Also, if you're planning to have or  have had bariatric surgery and need continued support to help you make a complete lifestyle change with  your relationship with food and exercise, we can help you.


  • What does health mean to you?

  • Is health something you consistently invest your time and energy in?

  • Do you desire to be healthy but have a challenging time staying committed?

  • Do you listen to your body’s needs and take actions toward those needs?

  • Do you view health as a destination or a journey?

  • Are there things you know you should be doing to improve your health that you feel challenging to follow through on?

  • How do relationships impact your life in the present?

  • If you don’t make any changes to your present state of mental, physical and emotional health, how will it impact your future and  your loved ones?


Expressions and Practice

Consider the dimensions that define identity and nurtures our concept of self.  They are the physical (our body and appearances), the psychological (our mind, memory, cognition) and spiritual (our, essence/soul, conscious or connection with the unseen elements of the universe).  Spirituality within families is the shares sense of purpose and value, the invisible yet often felt connection between its members’ that transcends distance and matter.


1.  It is appropriate for you to discuss your spirituality with me?

2.  How do you define spirit and spirituality?

3.  What is your primary source of spiritual edification?

4.  What roles does your spirituality play in:


A. Your family life?

B.  Your decision-making process?

C.  Your subsistence?

D.  Your overall health and wellness?

E.  Your relationship with others?

F.   Your relationship with a universal power or higher power (as

        define it) if you believe that one such being exist?

G.  Your self-definition?


5.  How did you develop this concept of your spirituality?

6.  Please describe a spiritual practice or ritual that rejuvenates and strengthens you.

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