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Prophetic Solutions Professional Counseling Services can help you connect
Mind, Body, and Spirit to find the state of dynamic balance that is Wholeness.



Carla Lewis-Moore, LMSW

Prophetic Solutions Offers 

Holistic Health Counseling and Weight Management Programs


     Prophetic Solution offers an innovative approach that can help you find peace, freedom and healing from the inside out. Our counseling and integrative coaching programs assist our clients in developing an intricate balance of adequate nutrition, sufficient exercise, stress management techniques, psychological wholeness and emotional stability.

     At PSPCS we understand that recovery is a process of personal growth and the development of a balanced state of physical, emotional, mental and

spiritual health. Holistic health and weight management programs offer lifestyle methods that are self-nurturing to the body, mind and spirit. Our programs don’t solely focus on weight but analyzes all aspects of an individual’s physical, mental and emotional health, such as their current nutritional intake, use of any medication and the presence of any disorder/disease.  At, PSPCS we help assist our clients in learning the skills that produce change and refocuses energy to holistic tactics that eliminate self-defeating patterns of behavior and cognition.  Individual and Group therapy assist client’s in reclaiming their life, health and well-being and fosters peace with oneself, body and food. 



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Wholistic  is a state of overall wellness:  physical, emotional and mental well being.


Health is recognizing that your body has needs and taking the necessary steps to meet those needs.


Overall is about the willingness to invest the time, money and energy to the process.


Life  demands your attention to grow which effects every area of your life.


Experience requires making a conscious choice to take consistent actions, follow through and commitment.

Click Here for Information on our Body Management Program

WHOLE’s Body Management Program will teach you a few shocking health and medical facts that you may not have known. You will learn where to start in your quest for better health, the most important functions needed to sustain or regain your best health, and the 5 herbs of the body management program that can be used to regain, maintain or enhance good health.

How Can I Help You?

To make an appointment call  (313) 506-3322.

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